Vox Aurea Children’s Choir (Finland)

Established 50 years ago, Vox Aurea choir has sustained its high level as one of the top choirs in Finland. Many of the choir members are pupils of extended music curricular classes and the choir operates in close collaboration with the University of Jyväskylä. The choir has been awarded prizes in various international choir competitions and it has made several recordings and collaborations with radio companies, orchestras, opera and institutions. Vox Aurea choir is conducted by Sanna Salminen who made her PhD about developing choral pedagogy and social inclusion in musical hobbies. The repertoire of Vox Aurea consists mostly of traditional and modern choral art music and traditional music of different cultures. Experimental attitude towards a holistic expression, as well as a warm team spirit, are core parts of the choir’s identity. Co-operation with high-level children’s choirs from different countries forms an essential part of the activity of Vox Aurea. Sharing music and experiences with friends from all over the world creates understanding, bonding and trust that empower children in building the future.