Antonio Vivaldi Music School Choir (Italy)

Note InsoliteCORIandoliThe ensemble that will perform today is formed by the union of two youth choirs: the Choir “Note di Passaggio” (passing notes), composed of boys and girls from middle school, and the choir Note Insolite (unusual notes), composed of boys and girls attending high school. Both choirs are part of the Antonio Vivaldi music school in Bolzano. The ensemble alternates modern, classical and didactic polyphonic pieces and, in addition to vocal performances, it collaborates with various music instruments classes of the School. It regularly participates in the events “Si tu poti” (for charity fundraising) and “Maratona Telethon”. It took part in the opera “Nina mad for love” and the musical “CeneRAntola”. In 2016 it took part in a monographic concert on Haydn and on a concert for the fiftieth anniversary of the death of W. Disney. Professor Anita Degano has been conducting the choir Note Insolite since its inception.
The White Voices Choir “I CORIandoli” of the Vivaldi Music School in Bolzano gathers boys and girls from the second to the fifth grade. It was founded in 2005 as the Choir of White Voices of the Vivaldi music school, and was named “I CORIandoli” in 2016. Every year the choir is renewed with new elements and with the passage of the eldest to the youth choir, giving rise to groups with ever-changing vocal peculiarities. The choir participates in numerous events in collaboration either with other groups of the music school or independently. The repertoire includes, to varying degrees and depending on the level of the choristers every year, didactic pieces and pieces from the classical repertoire for treble voices. In 2013 it performed, together with the Women’s Choir and accompanied by the orchestra “Musici Prattici”, the collection “Song of Sanctuary” by Karl Jenkins. On the occasion of the opening of the Christmas Market of Bolzano in 2014 it recorded the anthem of the event. In December 2015 it performed the choral part in the opera “Nina mad for love”. In May 2016 it participated in a monographic concert on Johann Michael Haydn. In December 2016, it performed pieces from W. Disney’s films for the fiftieth anniversary of its death. It has recurrently participated in the production of musicals by the Vivaldi music school (“Frankenstin”, “Tutti pazzi per Ötzi”, “Biscotti e parole”, “CeneRAntola”). For a few years it has recorded a CD relating to the competition “Write Peace”. The choir “I CORIandoli” has been conducted, since its birth, by Professor Anita Degano.

Landesjugendchor (Italy)

The Landesjugendchor Südtirol was founded in 2010 with the aim of giving talented young singers the opportunity to get to know, rehearse and perform interesting and challenging choral works. It is supported by the Südtiroler Chorverband, the Verband der Kirchenchöre Südtirols and the Bereich Deutsche und ladinische Musikschulen. Analogous to the Jugendsinfonieorchester Südtirol and the Landesjugendblasorchester, the Landesjugendchor has undoubtedly become an important enrichment for the South Tyrolean choral landscape.
The choir now comprises 36 singers aged between 16 and 28 from all parts of the country; they all have to successfully pass auditions and take regular voice-training lessons. In order to take into account the different life situations of the members – including pupils from all parts of the country, students at different universities, working people – rehearsals take place exclusively on weekends. In addition, the social aspect of choral singing is key to us, even in spite of intensive rehearsal work. In order to provide these young people with as much insight as possible into the choral world, they not only develop extremely wide-ranging a cappella concert programmes, but also take part in various projects.
The aim of the Landesjugendchor Südtirol is to give talented young singers the opportunity to get to know, rehearse and perform interesting and challenging choral works, as well as to offer young people the opportunity to face new challenges under the direction of experienced conductors and music teachers and to gain new, valuable experience in the musical field, which they can further contribute to in other choirs. In addition, the Landesjugendchor pursues the goal of training future choirmasters.

Chor der Musikschule Villnöß (Italien)

The choir of the music school Villnöß rehearses every Friday for one hour at the music school Villnöß. The children and teenagers are between 10 and 13 years old and have been attending the music school for several years. Almost all of them also play an instrument. The kids enjoy singing at concerts, but they also enjoy celebrating mass in the church.

Lasido Singsquad (Italy)

Lasido Singsquad
Singing is a cradle of mankind and especially children love to sing. Singing in a choir together is something very special and offers very valuable educational possibilities.
It is exactly this, that led to the foundation of Lasido Music. Lasido was founded by Bea de Wit and Johann van der Sandt in order to give children the opportunity to enhance their musical skills and to offer them additional musical educational possibilities outside the formal educational offerings.
The choir is open to all children between the ages of 5 and 13 in the different age groups.
The choir has in their short existence already delighted and surprised audiences with the unique style of singing and communication with the music.
The choir asks a high level of the commitment from the children, and children know very well that the choir can only develop further through diligent rehearsal visits and their commitment.
The rehearsals are a lot of fun and take place on Friday afternoons for children and teenagers between 5-13 years in different groups!

Vitae Cantamus Girls Choir (Eunice High School, Bloemfontein, South Africa)

Vitae Cantamus Girls Choir
The Vitae Cantamus Girls Choir is the official school choir of Eunice High School for Girls in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
The choir is truly representative of the face of the new South Africa, proudly multiracial and multi-cultural.
The choir boasts with numerous accolades in the recent past, of which the most recent (September 2018) is a first position (prize) in the “Sing in harmony” Choral competition. The choir aims to be a vehicle for the holistic education of the girls, growing into adulthood through song! One of the special byproducts of this mission of the choir is how they touch audiences with their music on a sublime and emotional level.

Vinzentiner Boy’s Choir (Italy)

Der Vinzentiner Knabenchor
Music has always been an important part of education and upbringing in the Vinzentinum school. For this reason, the Vinzentinum school has had a choir with boys’ and men’s voices from the very beginning. The tasks of the choir included not only the participation in liturgical celebrations but also the celebration of secular occasions in and outside the school. Singing in the choir has ever since been very popular, because it provided the singers with a richer life through rehearsals, performances and choir excursions.
Since the 1990s, the choir has ventured into the public eye more often and has attracted attention through numerous projects. Today it is the only sheer boys’ choir in South Tyrol.

Vincentinum Girls’ Choir (Italy)

Der Vinzentiner Mädchenchor
Since 1999/2000, the Vinzentinum boasts not only with a Boys’ Choir, but also with a successful Girls’ Choir. Since its establishment, it has been led by Clara Sattler and has around 50 members aged between 11 and 18.
In recent years, the choir has reached a remarkable musical level, which it proves again and again in singing competitions. The choir’s repertoire is broad and ranges from classical songs and folk tunes to modern jazz and pop compositions.
The choir has become known beyond the borders of South Tyrol through various projects and performances as well as through several awards. The audience appreciates the fresh swing of the singers, the good intonation and the choreographic elements with which the singers bring a lot of life into their songs. The Vincentinum girls also prove their skills time and again on smaller concert tours. The Girls’ Choir has a special relationship with “Pizzicanto”, the choir of the Bergmannstraße music school in Dornbirn. Alternating visits of the two choirs take place regularly.
Highlights in the career of the Girls’ Choir were the participation in the “Harmoniefestival 2011” in Limburg an der Lahn and two joint concerts with the world-famous Drakensberg Boys’ Choir from South Africa.

BrummNet (Italy)

BrummNet is a male choir with its base in Bruneck, South Tyrol, Italy. The choir started in 2003 as a project of the Music School, Bruneck with its members all voice students of the conductor Clara Sattler.
The special name of this special male choir deserves to be explained briefly. “In the South Tyrolean dialect “BrummNet” stands for “Why not?” and was the dialectal answer of the choir’s director Clara Sattler to a request for a performance. “But “Brumm net” also means “don’t grumble” and reads like an announcement to the men in the choir to sing neatly, i.e. sonorously. From the beginning of the choir’s life a special focus of the ensemble was on sacred repertoire. BrummNet’s performances in sacred services is characterised by a heartfelt honesty and expressiveness serving the music and the people through their pure singing. It is not only sacred music that the choir is known for, but also the unique rendition of South Tyrollean and Alpine folk music.
The choir received international attention with its classical program in October 2007 and November 2016 at the “Gesamtiroler Wertungssingen”. In addition to the Audience Award, the jury awarded him the highest marks, thus expressing that BrummNet is among the finest that the South Tyrolean choir world currently has to offer. A competition and concert tour led the choir to the first Swiss Alpenchorfestival in Brigg (CH) in 2008 and to Austria Cantat in Feldkrich (A) in 2015. The Choir’s discography consists of two CDs. the first one featuring South Tyrolean Advents music, and the second one is a portrait of the choir singing a mixed programme.
The male singers come from a wide region in South Tyrol, and all are professional people, from bankers, teachers, farmers to architects and pensioners. The choir strives to serve choral music as an art and endeavours with each performance to give listeners a soundful and heartfelt experience through the medium of the sung voice.
Currently the choir is conducted by Clara Sattler, assisted by Johann van der Sandt.

Resonans (South Africa)

Resonans is an a cappella vocal ensemble based in Pretoria, South Africa.
The group was formed in 2009 under the conduction of Jan Swanepoel. Most members are professionals over 40 who have been friends for more than 25 years (including 4 couples!) and used to sing together in the Pretoria University Choir (Tuks Camerata) and the Singkronies Chamber Choir under the conduction of Professors Petru Gräbe and Johann Van der Sandt. The current musical director is Herman Swanepoel.
This experienced group of singers also include conductors from several other choirs as members of the choir.
The group sings a variety of musical styles, from classical choral works to contemporary choral compositions, sophisticated arrangements of popular music and Barbershop-style music.
They perform regularly with other choirs, including the annual Chamber Choir Festival, and feature earlier appearances with the Drakensberg Boys’ Choirs in “Music in the Mountains” and “Christmas in the Berg”.
They also often work on projects with other vocal artists such as the production “Kersklanke” with Petru Wessels and Carel Trichardt and have performed with the well-known Afrikaan/Dutch artist Jannie Du Toit.
They often make recordings as background vocalists for several South African artists.
They are regarded as one of South Africa’s leading chamber choirs and worthy ambassadors of the South African choral scene.