BORBÁLA Szirányi (Ungeria)

Borbála Szirányi graduated in music education and choral conducting at the Liszt Academy of Music in 1997. In her final academic year she participated in Prof. Peter Erdei’s conducting master course in Oxford.
From 1996 to 2015 she worked at the music school of the Hungarian State Opera House’s children’s choir as classroom music teacher and choir conductor.
In 1999 she conducted demonstration lessons for the Kodály Institute.
From 2000 she has regularly taught as a visiting professor at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing where the Kodály programme was launched by her direction. The Conservatory’s female choir and mixed choir were founded under her guidance. They performed several concerts with both Western European and Chinese programme, worked together with the Chinese conductor Muhai Tang and published a CD.

In 2000 she was a visiting professor in the Kodály programme at the Holy Names College in Oakland, California.
She conducted Kodály courses at Shanghai (2001), Canton, (2005, 2006), Dublin (2013, 2014), Singapore (2013, 2014) Wales (2015, 2016), Bucharest (2016), Buenos Aires (2017) and Telford (2017).
In 2010, she conducted a choir-workshop for the Hong Kong Treble Choir and in 2016, she taught at the 37th International Choral Conducting Summer School, in Limerick.

From 2010 she is teacher of the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. She regularly conducts post-graduate courses for Hungarian music teachers. From 2014 she teaches at the Kós Károly Általános Iskola that is part of the Mintaiskola project led by the Liszt Academy of Music. In this project she and her colleagues experiment new music methodological techniques based on the Kodály concept in order to refresh and renew the Hungarian music pedagogy, making it more adaptable to the 21st centuries classroom.


COPPI Antonella (Italien)

Antonella Coppi, born in Roma (Italy), 13/10/1971. She is actually Junior Professor (RTD) and Researcher in Music Pedagogy and Community Music at the Faculty of Education -Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.  Since 2000, she was lectures in Music Education – Faculties of Education Master Degree – of the University of Perugia and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in the field of Practice of Music and Music Education through University Choir and Orchestra. Since 2013 she was (temporary) Adjunct Professor in the same field at the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bolzano. She has been Coordinator of the Master in Music Education and Research (University of Perugia) and Scientific Coordinator for the Research project “REMUS, Reggio Emilia, Musica Università, Scuola” (University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, 2003 – 2008).  Since 2001, for the Italian Ministry of Education, she is coordinator of many refresher courses for teachers in Music Education in Italian schools: she is member of the most important international society of Music Education (ISME, IMC, etc.).  Since 2010 she is Referent for International projects for El Sistema in Italy. She is also member of the Institutional Education Group for application of El Sistema in Reggio Emilia: from 2016 she is the Referent for every projects about El Sistema in the Trentino/Alto Adige Region (Italy).  Along with the teaching and research activity, she leads an important artistic work as Conductor of University Choirs and Orchestras, with over 400 concert around Italy and Europe: since 2008 she has been Scientific Referent of National Coordination of University Choirs and Orchestras in Italy.  Since 2000 she is the Italian referent for Song of Hope International Children´s Choir and Dance Program (Minneapolis, MN, USA). Since 2004 she is the Delegate from the Rector of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia for the activities of University Choir and Orchestra (Protocollo Unimore-Uniss). Her research interests lie in music pedagogy and didactics with a focus on the teaching – learning process conveyed by the use of Vocal and Choir experience. The research project she is developing is related to El Sistema inspired Program n Italy with special focus on the Community Music Approach. Many are the participations in National and International Conferences and the pubblications.


FISCHER Christiane (Austria)

Christiane Fischer stammt aus Ravensburg (Deutschland), erhielt Unterricht in Blockflöte, Klavier, Gesang, Oboe inklusive Kammermusik-, Chor- und Orchesterausbildung, das Abitur wurde mit dem Musikpreis des Spohngymnasiums Ravensburg prämiert.
Sie studierte an der Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart Gesang, Oboe, Schulmusik und absolvierte ein Aufbaustudium an der Stuttgarter Opernschule.
An der Bundesakademie für musikalische Jugendbildung Trossingen belegte sie das Aufbaustudium „Kinderchorleitung“. 2010 schloss sie einen anderthalbjährigen Meisterkurs in Chorleitung bei Prof. Erwin Ortner (Wien) erfolgreich ab.
Bis 2005 war Christiane Fischer Fachbereichsleiterin, Gesangslehrerin und Leiterin des Heidelberger Kinder- und Jugendchores an der „Musik- und Singschule Heidelberg“ und künstlerische Leiterin des „Fränkischen Kinderchores“.
2005 erhielt sie einen Lehrauftrag an der Musik und Kunst Wien Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien und unterrichtet Studierende des Studienganges Master of Arts Education mit Schwerpunkt Gesang.
2006 übernahm Christiane Fischer die Leitung der Singschule Wien und gründete die wienweiten Kinder- und Jugendchöre der Musikschule Wien.
Als musikalische Leiterin plant und leitet sie das traditionelle Festliche Singen im Wiener Konzerthaus mit 700 singenden Mädchen und Burschen der Singschule Wien mit Orchesterbegleitung.
Sie ist Referentin bei Fortbildungen an pädagogischen Hochschulen und österreichischen Musikschulwerken, Jurorin bei nationalen und internationalen Gesangs- und Chorwettbewerben und in Fachgremien zum Thema Stimmbildung und Chorleitung mit Kindern und Jugendlichen tätig.


KINOSHITA Yoshihisa Matthias (Giappone/Germania)

Foto: Helena Grasl

Yoshihisa Matthias Kinoshita ist Deutsch – Japaner und Vater von vier Kindern. Er studierte an der Hochschule für Musik Köln/Aachen. Seit 1989 leitet er den Wolfratshauser Kinderchor. Besonderes Merkmal dieses Chores ist es, dass keine Auslese bei den Kindern stattfindet und auch scheinbar stimmlich nicht begabte Kinder durch eine intensive Stimmbildung an die hohen Ansprüche herangeführt werden. Im Zentrum des pädagogischen Konzeptes stehen die Freude und die Motivation des Kindes am Singen, unabhängig von Begabung und Vorbildung. Y.M. Kinoshita war 1995 Stipendiat des Deutschen Musikrates.
1998 (Regensburg) und 2006 (Kiel) wurde Y.M. Kinoshita mit dem Wolfratshauser Kinderchor Sieger in der Kategorie Kinderchöre beim Deutschen Chorwettbewerb.
Y.M. Kinoshita ist Lehrkraft für Kinderchorleitung an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater in München. Im Jahr 2004 bekam Y. M. Kinoshita mit seinem Kinderchor den Tassilo Kulturpreis der Süddeutschen Zeitung. Im Jahr 2008 erwarb Y.M. Kinoshita den Titel Master of Arts in Musiktherapie. Seine Tätigkeit als Workshopleiter führte ihn in Länder wie: Japan, China, Deutschland, Ägypten, Ecuador und Italien.


LASAGNI Adriano (Italia)

Born in Novellara (Italy) 10/11/1966, he started veryyoung to study classic theory, clarinet and piano. He studied percussion with Mauro Magnani, Mauro Gherardi, Peter Erskine, Steve Smith and Gavin Harrison following Jazz workshops with Tomaso Lama and Ivano Borgazzi. He is specialzed in Body Percussionfollowing Keith Terry’s classes, one of the major soloistin this discipline, and improving his preparation with Ignazio Bellini from the English company Stomp and improving his teaching method with Ciro Paduanofounder of OSI ( orff-schulwerk, musical teachingmethod). He’s been teaching for more than 25 years asprofessor of percussion and body percussion at the DrumProfessional School” of which he is also the director. He’s professor at the “La banda dei tamburi in Novellara (Reggio EMILIA). He’s the author of the Drum and percussion “7 Maestri del ritmo- from the drums to the Berimbau and from the Djembè to the Congas”publishedand distributed by BMG Ricordi. Previously he published “Educazione dell’orecchio alla musica, al ritmo e al tempo” published by the prestigious magazine “Percissioni” n°114 in January 2001. Then we havemore pubblications and recordings, the most important; REMUS ( study and resource on musical formation). Documentation on the 1° Meeting – Concert, monitoringof the activities on musical training and educationReggio Emilia 28-29-30 April 2004, Morlacchi Editor, by Antonella Coppi. He recorded “Tributo ad Augusto” produced by Beppe Carletti from I Nomadi and Fabio Debbi CD of the homonymous singwriter. He isendorser for the prestigious companies: Ufip, Varus,Lantec all in all drumbags. Together with teaching activity there’s also a concertactivity in Italy and abroad. He’s been invited to manyTV programme, “Piacere Rai 1” and “Mezzogiorno in Famiglia”. There are also several importantcollaborations: 7 maestri del ritmo, Henghel Gualdi, Yuval Avital, Red Funky Five, Swing big band, Carmina Regiensia, C&S Jazz quintet, jazz-tet, alter-ego, travelinband, music box, percussion street band, explosionpercussion dance, d.p.s. band. Creator and artisticdirector of the “Festival del Ritmo”, International contest for drummers that wants to point out new Italian talents. With stage and seminars all over Italy. He is also creator and artistic director of the musical event, Percussions, Theatre and Dance “Emozioni”.


MACCAGNAN Lorenza (Italien)

Diplomata con il massimo dei voti in Canto Lirico al Conservatorio Claudio Monteverdi, fin da piccola ha cantato nel coro polifonico di voci bianche diretto dal M°Sergio Maccagnan successivamente nella Schola Cantorum e nel coro del Conservatorio C-Monteverdi e nel Coro Lirico G.Verdi e G.Rossini in qualità di solista. Come cantante lirica ha tenuto diversi concerti in Italia e all’estero. Dal 2008 dirige il coro di voci bianche Piccole voci del coro Monti Pallidi partecipando agli stage proposti dalla federazione dei Cori di Bolzano e quest’anno al Mini Lab di Montecatini Terme proposto dalla Federazione dei Cori Nazionale con prestigiosi maestri di fama internazionale e nazionale.


MANTOVANI Marco (Italien)

E’ nato a Ferrara nel 1960.
E’ diplomato in viola, in composizione, in musica corale e direzione di coro. Ha completato gli studi musicali seguendo i corsi di perfezionamento tenuti da Dino Asciolla (viola e musica da camera) e Salvatore Sciarrino (composizione). Ha svolto per molti anni un’intensa attività di strumentista, collaborando con importanti istituzioni sinfoniche (Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Orchestra Toscanini di Parma, Arena di Verona, Arena Sferisterio di Macerata) e con diverse formazioni cameristiche; si è anche attivamente impegnato, come solista, per la diffusione del repertorio contemporaneo dedicato alla viola.
Dal 1986 al 1999 ha suonato in forza stabile nell’Orchestra Sinfonica Haydn di Bolzano e Trento; vincitore di concorso ministeriale, dal 1999 è docente di ruolo presso il Conservatorio di Verona.
Allievo per la composizione di Francesco Valdambrini, Renato Dionisi e Daniele Zanettovich, svolge dai primi anni ottanta un’appassionata attività di compositore: il suo catalogo comprende circa quaranta lavori destinati ai più svariati organici, dall’opera lirica (due titoli) alla musica sinfonica, dalla musica da camera sia strumentale che vocale alle cinque fiabe musicali composte per il teatro di figura, forma di spettacolo da sempre prediletta, di cui ha curato l’allestimento realizzando personalmente burattini, pupazzi e scenografie.
Le sue composizioni sono state eseguite sia in Italia che all’estero, radiotrasmesse e incise su supporto discografico. Sue interviste sono apparse su pubblicazioni specializzate e sono state trasmesse dalla RAI. Ha inoltre conseguito importanti riconoscimenti in prestigiosi concorsi di composizione.


MAZZELLA Maria Elena (Italia)

Deve la sua formazione artistica a Davide Gualtieri. Diplomata in Pianoforte, Musica corale e Direzione di coro, ha conseguito successivamente il diploma del Corso superiore di Direzione corale, unico in Italia, e più recentemente il biennio superiore specialistico in Musica antica, indirizzo Polifonia rinascimentale, sotto l’alto magistero di Diego Fratelli. Ha studiato Canto gregoriano sotto la guida di Alberto Turco. Ha seguito corsi di perfezionamento in Italia e all’estero, tra cui stages sulla Pedagogia corale di Zoltan Kodàly e Masterclass di Direzione corale con docenti di fama internazionale. Dal 2007 al 2009 ha partecipato in qualità di allieva e assistente ai corsi di Pneumafonia di Serge Wilfart
Ha fondato e diretto numerosi gruppi corali e vocali con cui ha svolto e svolge attività concertistica; tra essi il coro polifonico “Le Voci del Mesma”, il “Piccolo Coro Crescendo” di voci bianche, il Coro di voci bianche del Conservatorio “Frescobaldi”, l’Ensemble femminile “Sicut rosa” e, più recentemente, l’Aminta Vocal Ensemble. Dal 2015 è inoltre direttrice artistica dell’Accademia corale “Vittore Veneziani” di Ferrara.
Ha lavorato come vocalista presso diversi gruppi vocali e teatrali tra cui il coro gregoriano “In Dulci Jubilo”, il progetto teatro e musica “I.R.T.E.M. Vocal Ensemble”, il quartetto “Novel Canto”, l’ensemble “Il Dilettoso Monte”, con alcuni dei quali ha prodotto incisioni discografiche e composizioni di musiche originali. Ha tenuto e tiene corsi di vocalità e canto corale in tutta Italia, presso cori, accademie e comunità religiose.
Da sempre svolge attività didattica in scuole di ogni ordine e grado, occupandosi con grande passione di coralità infantile e della formazione musicale dei più giovani. Ha lavorato per l’Accademia Filarmonica Trentina, l’I.D.M.S di Tortona e il Pontificio Istituto di Musica sacra di Roma. Dal 2001 è titolare della cattedra di Direzione di coro e Composizione corale presso il conservatorio “G. Frescobaldi” di Ferrara.


STUBENVOLL Matthias (Germania)

Matthias Stubenvoll ist promovierter Musikpädagoge und unterrichtet an der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Musiktheorie, Schulpraktisches Gitarrenspiel und Kinderchorleitung. Seit über fünfzehn Jahren leitet er erfolgreich mehrere Kinder- und Jugendchöre quer durch alle Alters- und Leistungsstufen. An der städtischen Musikschule Nürnberg ist er für den konzeptionellen und künstlerischen Auf- und Ausbau der Chorschule „jungerChor nürnberg“ zuständig.“ Außerdem ist er Autor der erfolgreichen Publikation „Mehrstimmigkeit im Kinderchor – Ein praktischer Leitfaden zur Einführung und Pflege“ (Helbling).


VAN DER SANDT Johann (Sudafrica/Italia)

Johann van der Sandt received his formal undergraduate and post-graduate education at the University of Pretoria. He also furthered his studies in Choral Conducting in the Netherlands at the Institute of Choral Conductors training, Gorinchem (the Netherlands). He has been involved in choral work as a composer, conductor, arranger and adjudicator on national as well as international level throughout his career. In his capacity as adjudicator, conductor and lecturer, he is well sought after. Johann has conducted numerous choirs; his experience stretches wide, from working with Children’s Choirs to Youth Choirs, student’s choirs and Adult choirs. His adult Chamber choir Singkronies specifically aimed at the recording, development and preservation of South African. His work with the University of Pretoria Camerata (a mixed student’s choir) is characterized by numerous accolades. Under his leadership, the Drakensberg Boys choir established itself as one of the best boys choir internationally. Currently Johann is professor in Music Education at the University of Bolzano, Italy. Before that, he was professor in Choral Conducting at the University of Pretoria and served as the conductor and the Director of Music at the Drakensberg Boys Choir School, South Africa. His research interests are focused on the
•Community Music and Community Singing
•Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education.
•Social Capital and Benefits of Choral Singing
•Youth/Children Choral Singing
•Attitudes and perspectives of children toward singing and choir participation – meaning, value and implications.
•The apparent decrease of boys in Choral Singing
•Music education teachers – a skill and ability assessment implement the minimum requirements for music education in early childhood music education.


VERONESI Daniela (Italia)

Daniela Veronesi is assistant professor in linguistics at the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. Her main interest lies in the study of social interaction from the perspective of conversation analysis, particularly in primary education and musical settings, and with a specific focus on multimodality. Her work on talk-in-interaction include investigations on language biographies, radio interviews, multilingual communication, and non-professional oral translation, while she has examined written discourse, specifically legal language, within the framework of text linguistics and metaphor theory. Against the background of her research on the interplay between language, gestures and music in ensemble music workshops, she has recently edited “The Art of Conduction – A Conduction® Workbook” (Karma, 2017) by conductor L.D. Morris, published posthomously.